About LTCBlasts

LTC Blasts was created to take advantage of how low Litecoin price has fallen so that our members can earn and accumulate litecoin during this bear market.

At LTC Blasts, you can enjoy both referral bonuses and matrix bonuses in our 5x10 quick filling cyclers. Get 3 and it's free! You can move through the 5 levels at your own pace with your referrals following you thruogh them.

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Why Choose LTC Blasts

LTC Blasts has put much thought into what our members need and want to see in a program.


One Big Matrix

Start with our 5x10 matrix. As you earn you can upgrade to the smaller matrix plans that can earn you much more.


Rewarding Bonuses

No good program is great without sponsor bonuses. You will receive a 0.01 LTC sponsor bonus for every member entering level 1.


PIF Features

Many members find it easier to just pay it foward to new members. We have a fast and easy PIF system in place.

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LTC Blasts Pay Plan

LTC Blasts starts with a 5x10. You can upgrade to a 5x2, 5x3, 5x4 and a 5x5. All of your referrals will follow you as long as you upgrade before them!

Earn Referral Commissions

Earn 0.01 LTC direct referral commission for each member referred.

Multiple Matrices

Upgrade as high as you want through 5 levels.

Recruit or PIF

You have the ability to recruit or PIF members into LTCBlasts.

Please use the graphic below to better understand the compensation plan.

Refer just 3 new members and your LTC Blasts Membership is now FREE.

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